Good Lookin’ Dog – Be Like That

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One final video from The Piston in Toronto on October 20th.

We’ll be playing The Horseshoe on December 15th at 9:50 pm. More info here.


Good Lookin’ Dog – Fast Runner

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Another video clip from our gig at The Piston.

Hope to see you December 15th at the Horseshoe. We’ll be going on around 9:50 pm.

Good Lookin’ Dog – Nice

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Here’s a video clip from our recent gig at The Piston in Toronto.

We’ll be playing again in December at Nu Music Night at the Horseshoe.

Fast Runner by Good Lookin’ Dog

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A video clip from my band’s recent gig at the Velvet Underground in downtown Toronto.

NY Times Article about Saravana Bhavan

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An excellent New York Times piece about the founder of one of our favourite South Indian restaurants, Saravana Bhavan.

Check it out at http://nyti.ms/1jbJQyp.

Spinning Lady Right & Left Brain Test

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Spinning Lady Right & Left Brain Test.

A cool and interesting test that shows whether you are left or right brain predominant. Do it with someone beside you. I did it Rachelle at the same time and we had opposite results. We were both looking at the spinning lady but our brains were seeing her moving in opposite directions.

I’ve done the test about 50 times over the past week and it seems I’m very right brain.

How Yoga Changes Your Brain

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A good article from Psychology Today.

Check it out.

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