I was recently perusing our flickr account and noticed that we’d been invited to submit some pics to a photo group contest on elephants.

We’ve been lucky enough to go on safari in both Africa and India and have had some great elephant sightings and encounters over the years.

As it turns out, we will be returning to South Africa this September.

So, looking over our pics, here are two of my favourite elephant photos.


Elephant warning – Zambezi River, Zimbabwe 2007

While staying at Matetsi Water Lodge near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, we did an evening boat safari. We were very lucky to be able to observe a large group of elephants that numbered close to 20 as they assembled, bathed and cavorted in the water. This photo shows a female giving our boat a good warning to stay away from the little one in her care.
Elephants Zambezi River, Zimbabwe


Elephant male hiding behind tree – Kabini, India 2011

There was something so endearing and humorous about this tusker trying to hide behind a skinny tree as our vehicle drove nearby. We gave this fella its space but were able to keep an eye on him from afar thanks to our telephoto lens. He kept poking his head out to see if we were still around before he finally made his way to the river for a drink and a bath.Elephant Kabini, India