Here’s a question I received from Maureen.

Hello Paul! Unfortunately, I am unable to practice at a shala with an authorized teacher. However, I am a committed daily practitioner in the Mysore style and wake up each morning and practice with devotion. I practice with no “end-goal” in mind with regards to asana to ensure a safe and effective practice. Can you please address advice and guidance for the home/self-practitioner? Thanks!

Good question.

Ultimately, regardless of location, it’s most important to practice daily with non-attachment which you’re doing; so, good for you. Practicing at home on one’s own is the final frontier and your ability to maintain your practice is a real accomplishment.

My advice is to try and to visit a qualified teacher periodically to make sure that everything you’re doing is correct. We’ve had students move away and they drop in once or twice a year for a few days of practice. It would make a big difference to get some advice on what you’ve been practicing and to have a shala’s group energy for a few days.