Here was a question from Lu:
“Hi Paul! Wondering what the life of an Ashtanga teacher is like beginning with the alarm clock.”

The answer…
Weekdays, my alarm goes off at 3 am. I time things so I can press snooze and lay in bed for another 10 minutes. When the alarm goes off again, I make sure to sit up in bed. That’s the key to being able to get up. So, I’m out of bed at 3:15.

I go downstairs, make coffee and prepare a sandwich for after teaching. I feed my cat, Lou, and hang out on the couch with him for a half hour. The quality time with Lou is one of the things that helps me get out of bed this early.

Sometime around 3:45, I pack up the smoothie that my wife made the night before and go upstairs to shower. I’m out of the house by 4:15 am.

I’m at the yoga shala by 4:20 am and usually start my practice by 4:40.

Students begin showing up between 5 and 5:30, but I don’t have to start adjusting and teaching until 6:15.

When practice is finished, I start teaching and rehydrating in between adjustments.

After teaching, we clean the Shala and get things ready for the next morning. If we have errands to run or groceries to buy, we take care of it after class. We take lunch (we’re both pure veg, by the way) and return home to feed and hang with our cat.
Sometimes, we take a quick nap. Sometimes, we read or I write my blogs. We’ll watch some television and then start preparing for the next morning. We make our smoothie and dinner. We are usually in bed by 8 pm.

Sunday mornings are a little more benign. My alarm doesn’t go off until 5:30 am. That’s a serious sleep-in compared the the weekdays.