Again, I find myself partway to almost finished several entries, but unable to close.

We have been preoccupied with the health of our cat, Karma, who has been under the weather for almost a month now. He has developed a very large growth on his back right leg. This growth is about the size of a tennis ball and is as hard as bone.

An x-ray at the vet at the end of May showed that the growth is not attached to the femur bone. There were clear lines defining the main bones of his leg and the growth surrounding. The vet had absolutely no idea what he was seeing, but was pretty concerned and alarmed Unfortunately, his only suggestion was a painful fine-needle biopsy of the growth and likely amputation of the limb. No thanks, doc.

So, we have our cat at home and are healing him using homeopathy. The thing about homeopathy is that it doesn’t follow any recognizable patterns that I can use to reassure myself that Karma is healing. It’s like having gone through the looking glass and everything is upside down.

(As an aside, I am thrilled with the use of Harmonica Man’s theme from Sergio Leone’s classic “Once Upon a Time in the West” in a FIFA World Cup South Africa commercial playing in the background. I’m watching because I am a soccer fan and I read that Neslon Mandela is scheduled to appear and greet fans and players at the opening match. In a world where we can agree on fewer and fewer things, I think Nelson Mandela is a person we can agree is awesome and inspiring. )

Karma’s energy is good and his “vital force” is much improved. What’s completely insane is how the lump changes from day to day. It gets smaller; it moves up and down his leg. Apparently, this is all good news from the homeopathic point of view.

So we are hoping he gets better and kicks this thing. In any case, he’s at home where he wants to be.

So, other posts coming…