It’s been a long time since I engaged in blogging, maybe three or four years. In general, I’m not terribly attached to sharing my thoughts and feeling with the world. I am content with a level of self-containment that doesn’t often require writing and sharing.

I am also not terribly attached to writing in general. I can write and have done my fair share through B.A., M.A. and M.F.A. degrees. My sense was that I knew a great many people who were better writers than I and who were more adept at expressing themselves. My prose always felt a bit tight, maybe forced, but not terribly creative or imaginative. Academic prose was a better fit for me.

In any case, as a dedicated yoga student of over 15 years and a teacher committed to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method for close to 10, I have a large number of opinions and thoughts gathered from years of practice. Some of these opinions are bound to ruffle the odd feather and are not exactly appropriate for our yoga shala website or news page. It is imperative that I maintain my professional discretion on those pages.

So… let’s see how these pages develop and whether they provide any interest to others.

Let’s begin, then.